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What's on offer to Musicians
Grants will be awarded to assist tours in the region, and should be used principally to subsidise costs of marketing and rehearsal. Grants will typically be in the region of £800 - £2000. Applicants will be required to submit a budget for the tour, as well as an indication of the proposed musical content, the itinerary and an explanation of how the proposal will bring music to new audiences or new music to existing audiences.

In addition to the award of a grant, Generator can supply advice, contacts or materials to assist musicians in promoting their events. These services will be chosen to suit the details of each tour funded, but may typically include lists of potential venues, promotional guidance notes, template Press Releases and lists of publicity contacts that should help them in marketing the tour and also help to assure promoters that the tours are well supported.

It is at the heart of the scheme that it assists the creation of a more adventurous audience for live music in the future. We hope to leave a legacy of improved attendances and of practical information which can assist promoters in bringing new music to new audiences in a number of venues. Generator will monitor the assisted performances carefully, to build a comprehensive analysis of the successes, weaknesses and opportunities for future music promotion in the North, and will prepare a pamphlet for the benefit of future music promoters.

We recognise the rich diversity of artistic and cultural enterprise in the region and wish to encourage the development of that variety and to widen horizons rather than to narrow the focus of arts activity or to standardise promotions. Each proposal, therefore, will be judged on its own individual merits.

Typical ideas that would be favoured might include the use of unusual venues (perhaps spaces that are not traditionally used as venues or perhaps a night club), or might include a package of bands that includes one act that attracts the audience and another that delivers the "new" content in a context that increases the audience's wish for more of the "new". Alternatively, proposals may simply bring completely new musical experiences to a well established and well promoted venue. Productions which include multi-media presentations, DJs, dance or other activities will also be welcomed if the promotion of new music remains central to the events.

Tours need not be restricted to the combined Northern regions but should include at least 3 performances in that region and funding will only be considered for the element of the tour within the scheme's area. Similarly, performers need not be residents in the region, although applicants from outside the area would need to demonstrate how there will be benefits remaining in the region.

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