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Guidelines to Applicants
A formal application form is available from Generator, with explanatory notes to applicants. A demo recording indicative of the proposed music will be appreciated and is very helpful to the judging panel when making the decision to offer grants.

Proposals will be preferred which show vision and imagination, whether in artistic content or in marketing to new audiences.
Judgements will also be made on the quality of performances, marketing, planning and production, and favour will be shown to proposals which possess educational value, opportunities for involvement and the way in which the multi-cultural traditions of the regions are reflected in the works.

Financial and managerial competencies will also be assessed, and projects will only be funded if their budget is both realistic, viable and offers value.

Preference may be given to projects that attract partnerships, whether in terms of financial sponsorship or in cooperative promotion (such as with other performers, with a promoter or venue), and to those that show a viable level of self-generated income. Proposals must clearly achieve the scheme's core objectives of targeting new audiences and/or bringing new music to existing audiences. However the principal interest of the judging panel is in the musical quality and originality.

We realise that applicants will not always have definite dates and venues in mind when making an application, and therefore may not have actual costs of the dates. We will be happy to consider "typical" or "indicative" dates, venues and costs which can then be updated later for applications that are successful.

Proposals should include performances in each of the 3 regions covered by the participating RABs. Click here for details of those areas

Successful proposals will be subject to standard Conditions of Grant Aid (Click here for funding criteria) and proposals must support equal opportunities for performers and for audiences. Sponsors logos will be required on all publicity materials.

In keeping with the various requirements of the funding streams we apply to, in order to offer these grants, we also require help in producing a report on the success of the tours which the Breaking Borders scheme supports. This will usually involve the promoter in recording the number of attendances, ticket sales and dominant audience profiles for each performance.

A "Breaking Borders" Application Form is available by post or from this website.

(Click here to open the application form)

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What happens next?
Applications to Generator will be considered by a panel of representatives and advisors from the participating funders (see the guidelines, above). The Panel meets about four times a year. If an application is chosen for funding, the grant awarded will be dependant on the budget submitted as part of the application.
The amount of funding available changes from time to time, so awards may be offered which are less than the sum applied for - particularly if the panel feels that the application is excessive or that the tour could be well promoted on a lower budget. Successful applicants may be given specific advice or suggestions in respect of venues or marketing, and will be required to prioritise their marketing in order to meet the objectives of the scheme.

Considerable support is available from Generator in selecting venues and in maximising publicity opportunities for the tours, and will be able to discuss their ideas and needs with Generator staff to maximise the opportunity that Arts funding offers.

Funding logos will be provided and must be adequately shown on all publicity materials.

Records should be kept of the marketing outlets used and also of the attendances at the events so that we can analyse the effectiveness of the various marketing and publicity methods used.

A final budget for the event will also be required, showing actual costs and receipts.

The date of grant payment will be negotiated to suit the needs of each particular tour.

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The scheme is applicable to performances in the following Counties:

in the Northern Arts Region:
County Durham, Northumberland , Tyne & Wear and Cleveland.
including Darlington, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Redcar, Stockton, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South tyneside, Newcastle and Sunderland

in the Yorkshire Arts Region:
North Yorkshire & the former Humberside.
including York, Hull, East Riding, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, Barnsley, Bradford, Calderdale, Doncaster, Kirklees, Leeds, Rotherham, Sheffield and Wakefield.

in the North West Arts Region:
Cheshire, Lancashire, Merseyside & Cumbria, .
including Greater Manchester, Liverpool, the High Peak District of Derbyshire, Blackburn, Darwen, Blackpool, Halton and Warrington.

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Conditions of Grant
The funding Arts Boards, Northern Arts, Yorkshire Arts, North West and the Arts Council of England, "recognise the rich diversity of artistic and cultural enterprise present in their regions. They wish to encourage the development of this variety and to widen horizons, rather than to standardise or to narrow the focus of arts activity".

Each application, therefore, is assessed on its own individual merits.

General Criteria
The participating Arts Boards support activity which :
supports equal opportunities to performers and audiences.

Proposals will NOT be supported if they are :
Fundraising events or promotions of non-arts activity.
Funded normally in totally from other sources (eg commercial interests, voluntary contributions or by public sector provision.
Requests for retrospective support, (applicants should note carefully the relevant deadlines).

Requests from single schools (with so many schools in the region, applications can only be supported if they are from a group of schools, or schools working extensively in the local community).

Artistic Criteria
The quality of the artistic work will be judged on :
vision and imagination, quality of execution, the power to communicate, opportunities for involvement, educational value, the way multicultural traditions and the artistic life of the regions are reflected in the project.

Financial and Management Criteria

  • Work will be judged on:
    the realism and viability of the budget
  • the nature and extent of the financial request in relation to the 3 RAB's own resources
  • the success in gaining the support of appropriate partners, eg other promoters & local authorities
  • the efforts to maximise sponsorship, earned and self-generated income
  • the project's effectiveness displayed in areas such as finance, management and marketing
  • clearly defined targeting of audiences and participants with appropriate marketing
  • utilisation of innovative and original forms of marketing and promotion to reach non-traditional audiences.

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